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Do You Want to Find a Motor That Meets the Your Requirement Exactly?
- 6/22/2019 -

It's very easy to understand that Motor (sometimes called engine) is very important for our daily life as well as industrial usage.

As a trader or manufacture of air handling units, you should also always in need of purchasing motors.

Air Handling Units includes equipments for air delivery, air cooling, air heating, air purifying, and so on.

And in these units, motor is always used for driving impeller or blade to move the air for different aims.

There's many kind of motors. Here we just talk about motors that BRESPALIN is specialized in.

1. External Rotor Motor

2. Inner Rotor AC Motor

3. DC Motor

Our motor is widely used for Inline Duct Fan, Air Purifier, Air Conditioner, FFU, Exhaust Fan, Evaporative Air Cooler, Air Cooling Fan, Dehumidifier and so on.

So, how to find a suitable motor for your need?

When you are in need of motor, first of all, you need to know what's the usage of the motor.

Mainly, there's 3 situation that needs motor.

1. For replacement.

2. For manufacturing
    a) For replacing exsiting motor which is already in mass production.
    b) For using on new products.

3. For Special Own use.

And second, you need to know whether you are professional on motor or you are just a trader to buy motors for factory.

By knowing this, we can start to find motor.

1. For replacement.

In this case, it's better to find the original manufacturer for the same motor. This will make sure that you can find a matching motor perfectly.

If this way is not workable, you should know about the specifications, the size (better the drawing) of the motor. Then check with the suppliers.

For replacement, normally there's not big demand on quantity, so customization is not reasonable.

Of course, if there's big and stable demand, you can also talk with the factory for customization.

2. For manufacturing

a) For replacing exsiting motor which is already in mass production.

First of all, don't stop the purchasing from old supplier yet. Because normally it takes quite a long time for developing and matching a new motor.

Second, prepare the photo, specifications, drawing of the motor, and your requirements (quantity, any change of the old motor, target price and so on), to find a factory which is capable to produce.

Third, give the sample of motor and load, better the whole unit of the product to the factory. We need to check in details and do the matching test. After the sample is confirm, we can give the exact price.

Forth, negotiate for the final price and start small-batch trial production then mass production.

b) For using on new products.

Almost the same with point a). Just need more communication with the motor factory during the development of your new product.

3. For special own use.

In this case, normally it's very small quantity, so it's better to only check on retailers to find a suitable motor.

If you need any help, please feel free to talk with us.

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