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What is Fresh Air System?
- 5/30/2019 -

There's many concept about Fresh Air System, but most of them are limited and not clear enough.

1) Is Fresh Air System a exhaust system?

2) Is it a air intake system?

3) Is it an Air Purifier?

4) Is it Heat Recovery unit?

5) Do we need to install all of the units for fresh air?

6) .........

There's too many questions like this, but we can say that the answer is "Yes", but also "No".

First of all, what is the "Fresh Air"?

Fresh air doesn't mean purified air only. The air indoor is absorb and exhaled by human and polluted by dusts or other harmful matters.

In this case, the oxygen in the air is becoming lower. That's why people feel dizzy if they stay in a closed room for a long time even the air is very clean.

So we need air from outside which contains enough oxygen or other element.

So as a summary, Fresh Air is the Air with enough helpful elements and low harmful elements.

Where we can have this kind fo air? The easiest way is purified air from outdoor.

Therefore, Fresh Air System is a system with many kind of devices which offer you functions like: Providing Fresh Air, Exhausting polluted air, purifying the air from outdoor, reducing energy lost during air excahnging.

The whole system will need many kind of air handling units and an integrated installation to connect each devices.

So, do we need to have all these kinds of air handling units for a house?

The answer is no. There's many kind of situation for each different houses and different area. So we can choose the equipments which is suitable for our own situation.

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