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12V 15V 24V 36V Brushless DC Motor

Product Name: 12V BLDC Motor 30W for Cooling Fan and Air Purifier
Power Range: 18 / 30 W
Drive Mode: PWM (15.6KHz)
Rated Torque: 77.8 / 110.5 mN.m
Noise: ≤30 / 32 dB

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 **This Motor is customized. Please contact us to get information for your own specifications. Thank you!**



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Customized Brushless DC Motor, we give you a solution for all kinds Household Electric Appliances.



♦ Cooling Fan

♦ Home use Tower Fan

♦ Air Purifier

♦ Air Humidifier

♦ Range Hood

♦ Water Booster Pump

♦ Fresh Air Ventilation System

♦ Inline Duct Fan

♦ Robot



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♦ High Efficient, higher than 80%

♦ Ultra low vibration, under 120 µm

♦ Super quiet, under 45dB

♦ Stepless speed adjustment, simple driving

♦ Small starting current and big torque

♦ Safe operation, protection for locked-rotor, overspeed, overcurrent, overtemperature, and so on.

♦ Long life for over 10 years




Outline Dimensional Drawing

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Product Name 12V BLDC Motor 30W for Cooling Fan and Air Purifier
Power Range 15 / 30 W Voltage 100/110/220/240V Frequency 50/60 Hz
Drive Mode PWM (15.6KHz) No-load Rotation 2500RPM Rated Rotation 1300RPM
Rated Current 1.25 / 2.5 A Rated Torque 77.8 / 110.5 mN.m Noise ≤30 / 32 dB



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