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Car Mounted Air Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser


Product Name USB Car Cool Ultrasonic Misting Humidifier Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser with Car Charger Port
Power 1.5W
Voltage 12V
Model BCH-101
Mist Output 0.159 gallon/day
Capacity 50ml
Color Blue/Pink/Purple/Green
Product Size 165*55*55 mm
Packing Size 170*58*58 mm
Master Packing Size 610*360*310 mm

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Product Details
 Product Description

Car Humidifer-Your another important part of life.

--Car Mounted Air Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser

Simple product, multiple function.

Increase Humidity.
   A/C will speed up the loss of skin moisture. People will be tired if too much water of body is lost. A humidifier will decrease this loss.

Dust reduction.
   The mist will unite with dust and make them down to the floor to avoid inhalation.

♦ Help to cool down.
   The evaporation of water will take out heat to help the cooling.

♦ Anion Genertation. 

   The transformation of water will produce negative ion. Even not a big amount but there's some positive effect in a small space like a car.
USB Charger of phone or other electronic devices.
   It provides a USB charger.

   Automatically stop after 1 hour operation to avoid distroy of the product.

Why air quality in the car is so improtant?

♦ Averagely, people stay in car for 2 hours/day.

♦ A small space with so many equipments inside will create living environment for harmful substance.

♦ Long term operation of A/C makes the body water loss.
Kids has lower resistance to these harmful substance.


Easy Installation & Control

--Small electric aromatherapy misting

1. Power / Mode Switch
   a) Press once, Power on (continuously misting).
   b) Press once again, intermittently misting.
   c) Press for the third
2. Mist Outlet
   Mist will come out from here. Please don't cover it.
3. USB Charger for other equipements
   You can charge your cell phone or other electric devices here.
4. Water / Essential oil container
   a) Water capacity: 50 ml
   b) You can also put several drops of essential oil inside to enjoy the fantastic smell.
5. Charger
   Just plug into the cigarette lighter to enjoy our humidifier and joyful car life.


Colorful Car Humidifier, make your life in car colorful.




Specifications ---Car charge perfume diffuser

Model Name BCH-101
Product Size (mm³) 165*55*55 Packing Size (mm³)  80*80*35
Master Carton Size (mm³) 610*360*310 Packing Quantity per Master Carton (piece) 100
Power (W) 1.5 Voltage (V) 12
Applicable Area (m²) <10    
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