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Car Vent Clip Air Freshener


Product Name

Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

Model No.


Material Type

Pale yellow crystal

Odor type

Lavender / Jasmin / Sweet-scented Osmanthus

Purifying Function

Mycete, Germs, Bacteria, Virus, Smoke, Nicotine, Vehicle Exhaust, Harmful gas








Extractive of 20 kind of herbaceous plant

Installing Way

Fixed on A/C Outlet

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Product Details
  Product Description

Car Sterization-Your another important part of life.

--Car A/C Fixing Air Purifier with Perfume Disinfector

It contains nothing, but only one latest invention-Pure herbaceous initiative-disinfection crystal.

♦ Patent for invention

♦ It's made of over 20 kind of herbage, no chemical composition.

♦ Active disinfection. It‘s volatilized to the air 24 hours.

♦ It kills harmful substance, not cover.

♦ The smell is refreshing you when you are tired.



Why air quality in the car is so important?

♦ Averagely, people stay in car 2 hours/day.

♦ A small space with so many equipments inside will create living environment for harmful substance.

♦ There are many kind of harful substance like: Mycete, germs, bacteria, virus, smoke, nicotine, vehicle exhaust, and so on.

♦ Kids has lower resistance to these harmful substance.



New Material with Paternt for Invention - Pure herbaceous initiative-disinfection crystal

--Car A/C Fixing Air Purifier with Perfume Disinfector

♦ National Invention Patented.

♦ Active disinfection. It reaches everywhere like the air.

♦ Made of Pure Herbaceous extractive. Lavender, fructus, forsythiae, clove, radix bupleuri, sandalwood, mint, folium isatidis and so on.

♦ It kills the harmful substance, not only covering the smell.

♦ 98.74% of bacterial eliminating.

♦ 96.77% of deodorization.

♦ 99.75% of White staphylococcus.

♦ Refreshing smell.



Structure drawing.jpg
Simple Design, Easy Installation, Extraordinary effect.




Specifications --Car A/C Fixing Air Purifier with Perfume Disinfector

Model Name


Product Size (mm³)

  90*30*16 Packing Size (mm³)  80*114*35


Lavender, fructus, forsythiae, clove, radix bupleuri, sandalwood, mint, folium isatidis and so on.

Service Time (Month)


Suggested quantity (pieces/one normal car)


Main Material



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