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Motor for Home Electric Appliances


 Product Name  Induction Motor for Home Electric Appliances
 Voltage  100-240V
 Frequency  50/60 Hz
 Bearing Type  Ball Bearing
 Phase  Single Phase
 Insulation Grade  B
 Level of Protection  IP00-IP44
 Duty Type  S1
 Power Range  3-60W
 Pole number  2 / 4 P

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Product Details

**This Motor is customized. Please contact us to get information for your own specifications. Thank you!**



Home Appliances Motor.jpg

Customized Motor, we give you a solution for all household appliances.

♦ Long life

♦ Energy Saving

♦ Customized

♦ Ball Bearing

♦ Low Noise

♦ Low cost



♦ Water Evaporative Air Cooler

♦ Air Purifier

♦ Air Conditioner

♦ Exhaust Fan

♦ HVAC System Ventilators

♦ Heat Recovery Ventilators

♦ Bath Heater

♦ Blowers

♦ Dehumidifier

♦ Cooling Fan



Outline Dimensional Drawing

70 Motor Dimension.jpg

Remarks: Size of A, B in the drawing can be customized.






Product Name Ball Bearing Fan Motor for Water Evaporative Air Cooler 3W
Voltage 100/110/220/240V Frequency 50/60 Hz Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Phase Single Phase Insulation Grade B Level of Protection IP44
Duty Type S1 Power Range 3-30W Pole number 2 / 4 P
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