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Portable Disinfectant and Deodorant Perfume


Product Name

Deodorant & Degerming Aroma from Natural Plant Extract

Material Type


Odor type

Lavender / Jasmin / Sweet-scented Osmanthus

Disinfectant Function 1

Smoke, nicotine, vehicle exhaust, harmful gas

Disinfectant Function 2

Mycete, germs, bacteria, virus








Extractive of 20 kind of herbaceous plant

Installing Way




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Product Details
Herbal Disinfector.jpg

Herbal Deodorizer & Disinfector-Safe, Non-toxic, New invention, Portable

--Portable Disinfectant Aroma Diffuser for Multiple Use

It contains nothing, but only one latest invention-Pure herbaceous initiative-disinfection crystal.

 Patent for invention

♦ It's made of over 20 kind of herbage, no chemical composition.

 Active disinfection. It‘s volatilized to the air 24 hours.

 It kills harmful substance, not cover.

♦ The smell is refreshing you when you are tired.


Usage of Deodorizer.jpg

Do you think air quality of these places is important?

We are sure you will say yes.


And this small yellow crystal will help you to stop worrying about this.



Disinfection Material 1.jpgNew Material with Paternt for Invention - Pure herbaceous initiative-disinfection crystal

--Portable Disinfectant Aroma Diffuser for Multiple Use

 National Invention Patented.

♦ Active disinfection. It reaches everywhere like the air.

♦ Made of Pure Herbaceous extractive. Lavender, fructus, forsythiae, clove, radix bupleuri, sandalwood, mint, folium isatidis and so on.

 It kills the harmful substance, not only covering the smell.

♦ 98.74% of bacterial eliminating.

♦ 96.77% of deodorization.

♦ 99.75% of White staphylococcus.

♦ Refreshing smell.


Real Photo.jpg

Simple Design, Easy Installation, Colorful Life, Extraordinary effect.

Important Remark: The fragrance of our crystal comes from the nature odor of the plants, so it will become lighter and lighter. However, as long as the crystal is not finished, the disinfection effect will go on.



Specifications ----Natural Plant Extract Deodorant & Degerming Aroma

Model Name BDD-101-A
Product Size (mm³) φ60*26 Packing Size (mm³)  80*80*35
Master Carton Size (mm³) 420*370*260 Packing Quantity per Master Carton (piece) 144
Ingredient Lavender, fructus, forsythiae, clove, radix bupleuri, sandalwood, mint, folium isatidis and so on. Service Time (Month) If put in a closed space, can be used for 24 months.
Main Material ABS    
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